„The voices of the vernissage were Barnabas Herrmann, Marietheres Schneider and Walburga Walde. Defying the boundaries of vocal expression, the singers’ improvised interaction perfectly incorporated the concept of a ‘big soft illusion’. Due to restrictions, the audience listened from outside the space. Hearing yet not seeing the singers, a sea of enigmatic sounds echoed through the air without context or familiarity. Blowing, hissing, chirping, screeching, whirring, the vocals resembled an array of non-human noises and, disconnected from the vocalist, engendered a dynamic sensory hallucination. The polyphonic performance was filmed by artist Norbi Kovacs. Similar to how reality is deceived in the performance, Norbi’s work for the exhibition transcends the barrier between screen and landscape as he is filmed ‘jogging along the frame’.“