What Tenderness sounds like

A multisensory performance for soloist, electronics and sound engineer on the theme of self-tenderness and touch.

Photos by: Clara Cosmos

Marietheres Schneider (she/her) is a soprano who’s active in the field of experimental music. She works mainly with extended vocal techniques from contemporary music and performance art to understand the whole phenomenon of „voice“ and to develop it further and further. The discovery of sounds led her to feedback-based instruments, the technique of no-input mixing, tape loops and bringing everyday objects to life for various projects and performances such as her composition „Splitter 2020 – for several fans„. Interdisciplinary spatial art & the human body are often reflected in her art. She studied „Improvised Voice“ under Michael Schiefel and Jeff Cascaro at the Hochschule für Musik, Franz Liszt, Weimar and receives additional teaching from the soprano and new music performer, Sarah Maria Sun. She is active in band and solo contect and works interdisciplinary with other artists.

Clara Cosmos

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