Gellert Szabos Ideal Orchestra

Marietheres Schneider
Nora Mara
Barnabas Hermann
Maximilian Bischofberger

Steffen Roth
Felix Kothe
Johannes von Buttlar

Simon Lucaciu

Susanne Stock

Double Bass:
Stephan Deller

Conducting & Composition:
Gellert Szabo

Friederike Bartel
Lorenz Bergler
Georg Demel
Gregor Littke
Chris Kunz
Gustav Geißler
Philipp Reinsch

This is the premiere album of the Ideal Orchestra. Conducted improvisation and soundpainting are used to create a deliberately tensed and piercing contemporary music. Every musician in this orchestra is an inspiring artist I look up to. 
Ruvi Simmons, also featured in the last piece of this album, writes: 
„It is not possible to speak every language. Human sounds are always, in the end, the embodiment of a mystery, whether they emerge from our throats or have first been transformed by instruments against our lips, held between our hands. 
In the end? And also the beginning. 
Gellert Szabo’s Ideal Orchestra. Strange sounds, unexpected rhythms, echoes, beats and voices haunting a silence like the dangerous currents of a gigantic river. No words, not yet, but they will come. No myths, except the ones contained within the sounds themselves. 
If a perfect orchestra is harmony, then an ideal orchestra is something else entirely. Full of sudden bursts of longing, vaguely familiar melodies, incantations old as air. Prayers? Maybe those too. Who knows what goes through the heads of those who are inventing while they breathe? 

An ideal orchestra is a journey that is never the same thing twice. But it is nothing to do with Plato; if there was an ancient philosopher whose spirit it embodies, it would be Heraclitus, the ambiguous ‚weeping philosopher‘ who once said that nobody ever steps in the same river twice because everything flows. 

We are ancient/we are modern 

Sometimes when I listen, all I hear is dread. I count the musicians and the singers but it seems as if there are hundreds. Even when only a single instrument displaces the silence. They chase each other, they tumble through the air as if the land beneath our feet was cut away by…by what? 

Forgive me if I do not make things clear. Maybe there is nothing I can add to the sounds themselves. If there was more, then the orchestra would play for longer. If there was less, we would be sitting and staring at each other in silence. 

we are ancient/we are modern 

Listen all night and keep quiet all night. Or the other way round. 

– I told you. 
– Told me what? 
– That you’d sit down and listen. 
– So what? 
– So that’s not all. 
– What’s not all? 
– Listen again. This time you’ll find out. This time you’ll know.“