A multisensory performance for soloist, electronics and sound engineer on the theme of self-tenderness and touch.


What does the human body sound like? How can tenderness express itself as sound? I dealt with these questions and created a performance that combines multisensory aspects and is performed on 4 copper plates that conduct body contact. Connecting the psychological and physiological aspects of the human body and being aware of sensory stimuli of my environment were the main focus of my work. Exploring with the body allowed a lot of intimacy, a lot of reflection and in connection with the plates led to my own sound. Sound that my body creates through its movements and possibilities. A fascinating and playful way to get to know myself anew. My self tenderness. Concept/Soloist: Marietheres Schneider
Electronics/Sound: Felix Kothe
Videos/Photos: Clara Cosmos

The project was supported by the GVL Neustart Kultur scholarship.