NIM [nˈiːm] 10/01/2021

„NIM [nˈiːm]“ was born out of an interest in new sound ideas/textures that combine noise and tone. The No Input Mixing technique I am using for this project offers a lot in terms of sound material & possibilities if human engages with them. This method involves a feedback loop that I manipulate and process more and more. The difficult part is to keep control and to be able to move freely. My intention was to get away from the drone and achieve various constellations of sound.
The longer I worked with my material the more I found myself in a spectrum of possibilities. I decided on 4 small stories and different emotions that are in the realm of experimental, electro-acoustic music. I minimally edited the material because I find the clarity and „broken-ness“ bizarre, beautiful and rare and want to show these sound enthusiasts.
I particularly like the work with silence, pauses, the slow processing of material/patterns, it adds charm and gives me the opportunity to dwell in a different reality for the EP, in the nevertheless short time of the piece lengths. Especially the extremes of noise and sound move me in this music. The „biting highs“ that demand a lot from the ear, the vastness of the sound spectrum, the overtones, are so impressive and enriching for me, especially as a singer because i „normally“ produce sound objects inside my body and carry it outside and now create it on a different basis, which fulfills me in a different way. Also the volume and fullness that can cause trepidation and the approaches from different genres that affect me and put me in different states. Noise and sound for me are deeply connected, are one and go hand in hand.
Emotionally, the pieces show different states and parts that speak out of me. One is the acceptance of emotions that often do not correspond to the „world view“ that I absorbed in my younger years. Consciously and unconsciously. The pieces are sometimes „hard to digest“ – but contain a lot of emotional richness & intimate moments, which may be overlooked at first glance. Maybe you can feel how I feel sometimes.