HEXIS released „EXHAURIRE“ with me, soon you can hear the accompanying album „AETERNUM“ (release 08/26/22) .

My newest project „What Tenderness sounds like“ can now be watched on youtube. Check it out. 🙂 For more infos klick HERE!

You can find my new released EP „NIM [nˈiːm]“ on my band camp page.

I was a guest @ OH NO NOH RADIOH



We dealt with the contemporary piece by Morton Feldman, „Three Voices“.


Had the pleasure to be involved in Philipp Scholz project. It is an audio book that combines conversations and improvisations of various musicians from Leipzig. // only in german



Albrecht Ernst, Andris Meinig, Angela Requena, Antonia Hausmann, Astryd Cottet, Damian Dalla Torre, Esther Langer, Eva Klesse, Hayden Chisholm, Jannicke Hagen, Johannes Moritz, Jonas Timm, Laura Wasniewski, Matthias Boguth, Max Stadtfeld, Myrsini Bekakou, Nora Gomringer, Olga Reznichenko, Patrick Schanze, Philip Frischkorn, Philipp Martin, Philipp Rumsch, Robert Lucaiu, Sebastian Wehle, Theresia Philipp, Viola Blache, Volker Heuken, Wencke Wollny, Werner Neumann